Cleveland and its Germans: 1897-1898

At the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland I picked up a book with bios on many early German-American residents of Cleveland. The original was in German, written by Jacob Mueller, and this translation is by Steven Rowan.
The book begins with a quote by Goethe:

America, you have it better
Than our continent, the old,
You have no fallen castles
And no basalt.

The old master Goethe, when he directed the verses above to the United States in his “Delicate Zenias,” could add, “And you do not have great cities with their bustling life and striving, with their splendor and misery, with smoking chimneys and unhealthy tenements.” Much has changed in the meantime. Today, to be sure, one may still look in vain in America for picturesque castle ruins such as decorate the banks of the Rhine, but it is certainly possible to find decayed, ruined cities whose founders and inhabitants once believed their new settlements would be numbered among the most populous in the land in a few decades. On the other hand, there are little places whose names were barely known by any European, at least in the year Goethe wrote that verse (1827), that have grown to great cities. One of these is Cleveland, the Forest City.

The following is a list of people whose biographies were written up in Cleveland and Its Germans: 1897-1898:
Franz Adler
John Aenis
Rud. von Ahlefeld
Hermann Anhäusser
Daniel Appel
Georg F. Arnold
Friedrich Axel
Michael Baackes
Wm. Backus Sr.
Gustav A. Balzer
Benjamin R. Beavis
W. H. Beavis
Jakob Beckenbach
Fred Beilstein
Edward Belz
Joseph Beltz
Wilhelm Beutel
Emil Bierfreund
Jacob A. Blodt
Ed. H. Bohm
Heinrich Born
H. Brockhausen
Frank Büttner
Stephen Buhrer
Karl Burkart
Carl Claussen
Karl J. Cobelli
Georg J. Dahler
Leopold Dautel
Hans Demuth
W. Dertinger
Wm. Dewald
J. S. Dickle
F. H. Dietz
Friedrich Dietz
Kilian Egert
Ferdinand H. Eggers
Leopold Einstein
Adalbert Ernst
John J. Ernst
Franz V. Faulhaber
Jon Feihl
R. H. Fetterman
W. F. Fiedler
O. H. Franke
Christ. Frese
Albert Friedl
John Friedl
Godfrey Fugman
Philip Gänsslen
Albert Gehring
Carl Ernst Gehring
F. W. Gehring
John A. Gehring
Christ. Geiger
Georg Gernhard
John Götz
Amalia L. Groll
Georg C. Groll
John C. Groll
Georg F. Gund
M. Hablützel
Joseph Hackman
Hermann Hamm
Louis Harms
G. L. Hechler
G. Heidenreich
Chas. Heiser
Chas. Herrman
Ed Hessenmüller
Dr. Rudolph Heym
Simon Hickler
C. R. Hildebrandt
Jacob Hiller
Martin Hipp
Jacob Hirt
Joseph L. Hitz
Heinrich Hoehn
W. F. Hoppensack
Bishop Ignatius Horstmann
C. F. Hunger
Friedrich Jampen
David Jankau
Chas. L. Jaster
John Jaster
Nikolaus Jung
Herman Junge
Ernst Kappler
Gustav A. Kärcher
August Kimmel
John Koch
Chas. Koebler
Joseph Krug
Georg Kühn
Theodor Kundtz
Julius Kurzer
Rudolph Lack
Franz C. La Marche
Georg Lambert
H. G. Lambert
John B. Lang
Joseph Lang
Dr. George F. Leick
Isaac Leisy
Otto Leisy
Johann Lendy
Robert Lenz
Rev. Theophil Leonhardt
Henry Leopold
Jul. H. Leppert
Moritz Liebich
August Loew
Carl Lorenz
H. W. Luetkemeyer
Chas. W. Maedje
Christian Maedje
Wm. E. Maedje
F. W. Maier
Jackob Mall
R. B. Martinetz
Friedrich Mattmueller
Adolph Mayer
Edward S. Meyer
Dr. Edward S. Meyer Jr.
Franz Joseph Meyer
John C. Meyer
Dr. Wm. Meyer
Karl Michel
Charles Miller (of Holzhausen)
Chas. Miller (of Baltimore)
John Miller
Conrad Mizer
Arnold Moser
Antoinette Muhlhauser
F. Muhlhauser
C.A. Müller
Gottlieb Müller
Jacob Müller
Jacob G. Mueller
Johann Müller (of Weinigen)
Johann Müller (of Königheim)
C. A. Muerman
Georg V. Muth
Wm Neracher
Franz Neubauer
Felix Nicola
J. H. Niemann
W. Noville
Isidor Nunn
John J. Nunn
Ed. M. Oerl
John Olderman
Robert Opitz
Albert Petzke
Otto Petzke
August Pfaff
Rev. Nicolaus Pfeil
John Piper
John L. Piper
Leonhard Platt
F. Rannacher
John Reich
Daniel Remelius
Friedrich Ries
Emil Ring
Rev. J. H. C. Röntgen
Dr. W. L. Rosenberg
H. G. Rudolph
Herm. Jul. Rütenik
Chas. Sältzer
Johann Schaber
Philip Schäffer
Bernhard Schatzinger
A. B. Schellentraeger
C. C. Schellenträger
E. A. Schellenträger
Dr. J. D. Schenk
Adolph Schildhauer
John Schlitz
F. von Schluembach
F. W. Schmidt
Friedrich Heinrich Schmidt
Johann Schneider
Philip Schreiber
Fred P. Schröder
John Schröder
Christ. Schüpbach
Dr. H. C. Schwan
F. C. Seelbach
Louis Seelbach
Henry g. Slatmyer
George B. Solders
Georg J. Sommer
Jacob Stein
Rev. J. H. Steppler
Gustav Stern
John Stofft
Gottlieb Strasser
August Thieme
Rev. C. A. Thomas
B. Villwock
Chas. W. Voth
H. B. Votteler
Jacob Wageman
John Wagner
John C. Wagner
Fritz Walter
Dr. Gustav C. E. Weber
John c. Weideman
G. A. Weitz
Henry Welf
Joseph Welf
Albert Weske
Rev. Franziscus Westerholt
Friedrich Wick
Carl L. F. Wieber
Jacob B. Wieber
John Wilhelm
Lorenz F. Wilhelm
Hermann Woldmann
Dr. S. Wolfenstein
Wm. Woltman
Philip Jacob Würtz
John A. Zängerle
Dr. Karl Zapp
Jacob Züllig
August Zwierlein

8 responses to “Cleveland and its Germans: 1897-1898

  1. I was told that my great great grandfather and a Lenhardt came to America in 1845 and went to Cleveland. Seeking info!

    • Hi – What was your great-great grandfather’s name? The man written up in “Cleveland and its Germans: 1897-1898” was Theophil Leonhardt, born in 1853, so I don’t think it was the same Lenhardt who came with your ancestor.

  2. I am seeking information on Dr. Karl Zapp. I have a photo with his name on the back and I was hoping to find out more information out about him. Thanks in advance. If possible, could you email me at Scarr @ West (with no spaces).. Thanks so much!


  3. Martha Watterson

    Greetings! Is there a bio on Jacob Wieber in this book? How would I get a copy of it? He’s my great, great, great grandfather. Thank you for finding and posting this information.

  4. Edward Belz was my Great Great Uncle, is there anyway possible I can obtain a copy, Thanks

  5. Kelly Tavernelli

    I was wondering if the John Miller mentioned in the book is my 3rd great grandfather. He came over with his family in mid 1870s. I’ve seen birth years of either 1842 or 1852 for him and his wife Rosa nee Kubera.

    • Hi Kelly — it may be. There are discrepancies with your information and what’s in the book. I’ll send you the text and you can decide.

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