German immigrants to Cleveland 1861 +

Here is the final chunk from the “List of Honor” of “pioneer” German immigrants to Cleveland in The Jubilee Edition of the Cleveland Wächter und Anzeiger 1902. According to the book, the immigrants named below arrived in 1861 “and the start of the 1860s”. This list gives the name, year of birth, place of birth, and occupation.
1861: Armbruster, Jacob, born 1843 in Röthenbach, Württemberg, bookbinder.
    Beutel, C. F., born in Plochingen, Württemberg, smith.
    Buchmann, Mathias, born 1825 in Adelsdorf, Bavaria, insurance agent.
    Büchler, John, born 1841 in Habitzheim, Hessia-Darmstadt, private person.
    Darmstadter, Mrs. Gabriel, born 1823 in Peddersheim, Rhenish Hessia, private person.
    Döhn, Herm. Ludw. F. W., born 1842 in Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, carpet weaver.
    Frey, Josef, born 1840 in Darmstadt, Hessia-Darmstadt, shoemaker.
    Gentz, Heinrich, born 1826 in Strassburg, Prussia, printer.
    Gerstenschläger, P., born in 1835 in Darmstadt, Hessia-Darmstadt, product business.
    Goldbach, John, born 1842 in Dammwiesen, Bavaria, butcher.
    Gröschel, Peter, born 1829 in Kreppling, Württemberg, private person.
    Hessenmüller, Otto, born in Harburg, Hanover, merchant.
    Hoffmann, Christ., born 1842 in Obersülzen, Rhenish Palatinate, wagon maker.
    Höner, August, born 1837 in Lemgo, Lippe-Detmold, private person.
    Hunger, C. F., born 1847 in Ostsilwer, Westphalia, photographer.
    Kees, Wm. H., born 1842 in Trippstadt, Rhenish Palatinate, insurance business.
    Klein, Ernst.
    Knauss, Andreas, born 1831 in Düdesheim, Hessia-Darmstadt, cabinetmaker.
    Koch, John, born 1835 in Osthofen, Rhenish Hessia, streetcar agent.
    Köhn, Jacob, born 1848 in Gundersheim, Hessia-Darmstadt, cabinetmaker.
    Märkle, Joh. Fried., born 1832 in Lustnau, Württemberg, butcher.
    Melter, Ludwig, born 1842 in Liedolsheim, Baden, cooper.
    Oswald, Daniel, born 1841 iun Heppenheim, Hessia-Darmstadt, cabinetmaker.
    Plotz, Wilhelm, born 1847 in Wildburg, Prussia, smith.
    Regenauer, Josef, born 1844 in Otterstadt, Rhenish Palatinate, wagon inspector.
    Sarstedt, Bernhard, born in Emmerle, Hanover, cooper.
    Schade, A. C., born 1845 in Bernburg, Anhalt, porcelain business.
    Schade, Henriette, born 1819 in Bernburg, Anhalt, private person.
    Schmidt, Carl, born 1843 in Subsin, Mecklenburg, wine and liquor business.
    Schott, Emil, born 1837 in Esslingen, Württemberg, ironwares dealer.
    Schultz, Fred, born in Mecklenburg, smith.
    Schworm, George, born 1845 in Alsenz, Rhenish Palatinate, mason.
    Siegel, Albert, born 1847 in Markrönigen, Württemberg, tavern keeper.
    Spring, Fried., born 1835 in Dirkirchen, Rhenish Palatinate, tailor.
    Stiebeling, John, born 1838 in Rabelshausen, Electoral Hessia, railway official.
    Striebel, Chas., born 1839 in Sasbach, Baden, wagon manufacturer.
    Trebing, Henry M., born 1841 in Volkmarsen, Hesse-Nassau, wood turning.
    Vogler, John, born 1845 in Wickersheim, Alsace, tailor.
    Ziebert, Jacob J., born 1841 in Frankenthal, Rhenish Palatinate, tavern keeper.
    Zimmer, Ernst, born 1839 in Espa, hessia-Nassau, newspaper carrier.

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