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Making history

In the first decades of my life, I wasn’t a big fan of history. Dwelling on the past? What for? It’s best, I used to say, to look forward, to the future.

Since then, as this blog will attest, I’ve become a huge fan of the experiences and insights of those who have preceded us on this earth. If we’re willing to investigate our past, we learn a great deal to inform us regarding our future.

Which sentiment is not intended to override the importance of making history. In that light, I wish to extend huge applause to a brand new, first ever publication: The Best New British And Irish Poets 2016, judged and edited by Kelly Davio, Series Editor Todd Swift, published this year by Eyewear Publishing.

british and irish poetsThis chorus of new voices, those who have “not yet come under contract to publish their debut full-length poetry collection” at the time of submission for potential inclusion in the anthology, is an inaugural publication for the UK, in the spirit of “best of” anthologies that have been published in America for some time. These poems resonate with the voices of the era, with social engagement, relationships, the tough issues of 21st century lives, and ongoing dialogue with poets of the ages.

A recommended, delightful read. Cheers to history in the making.