From airplane-roaring loud to peace and quiet

When I arrived at Heathrow Airport, in some ways it felt like I’d never left Seattle.

Once in Inverness, when I climbed on the “Stagecoach” bus from the airport into the city center, I knew I’d left for sure. Not just because of the eye-bending colors, but also because the driver’s seat was on the right (wrong) side of the bus. It had been a long, loud ride across the top of the world, just a little farther to go.

A short time later, I was loading into the Moniack Mhor shuttle for the last leg of my 24 hour journey…

and taken straight to my pleasant, silent room with a view.

If I kneel on my bed and peer out the window, I have a view of the Hobbit House studio as a foreground to the mist-soaked, patchwork countryside. It’s so very quiet here.


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