Dawn in Edinburgh

imageMy first trip ever to Scotland! Morning dawns, and I’m psyched. We’re staying on the Royal Mile, a tourist mecca that I’m told extends in some places four-five stories under the ground.

Driving into town last night on the left(!) side of the road, the map was not clear about the three dimensions of the streets, a logic puzzle made of stone. It took us about five, random, winding times down Cowgate to assemble in our minds how our hotel was actually located on the bridge above us, up over our heads.

imageAfter 26 hours of planes, trains, buses and automobiles, here we are!

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  1. Recommendations: If you like whiskey, sign up for the Thursday night whiskey tasting at Cadenhead’s (on the Royal Mile). Definitely try the Sticky Toffee Pudding at World’s End Pub (but give No. 1 Pub a pass). I loved Edinburgh! I hope you do too.

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