Getting the hang of Pinterest

While my blog has been “under construction,” I’ve taken some time to get more familiar with Pinterest. Pictures speak volumes, and I have loads of them stocked up from various trips. On Pinterest you have “boards,” to create different categories of photos. One of mine is for ships. Immigrant ships especially became a fascination for me as I was researching for my novel.

On a visit to New York City last March, I especially loved my visit to the Museum of the City of New York. In addition to an 1840s picture of Castle Garden, they had an excellent Marine Paintings exhibit.

The museum allowed me to take non-flash photos — here are some of my snapshots, which I’ve also pinned on Pinterest (of course, for the full experience, visiting the museum would be best).

castle garden circa 1840 - artist Thomas Chambers

Southampton Black X Line circa 1850"Margaret Evans" Black X Line circa 1850William Bayles 1854 by James BardJames Baldwin steamshipMary Powell steamshipSylvan Dell steamshipCorsair 1899 by Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen

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  2. My great great great grandparents crossed the Atlantic on a ship called the London. The final post on my blog features a painting of that ship. Feel free to add it to your collection.

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