Cleveland German immigrants in 1853

From the The Jubilee Edition of the Cleveland Wächter und Anzeiger 1902, the list below shows the year of arrival in Cuyahoga County, followed by name, year of birth, place of birth, and occupation.
1853: Amann, John G., born 1824 in Württemberg, private person.
    Diemer, Frederike, born 1830 in Württemberg, private person.
    Faulhaber, Martin, born 1834 in Königheim, Baden, private person.
    Fix, George, born 1830 in Lichtenau, Baden, butcher.
    Geissler, George, born 1827 in Central Franconia, Bavaria, smith.
    Hanf, Andreas, born 1838 in Altmannshausen, Bavaria, cigar maker.
    Hitz, Joseph L., born 1838 in Obersäckingen, Switzerland, insurance agent.
    Kaltenmacher, Magdalena, born 1834 in Unterwalden, Switzerland.
    Kraus, C. F., born 1834 in Hirschfeld, Saxony, wood dealer.
    Kurtz, Johann George, born 1842 in Betzingen, Württemberg, machinist.
    Marquardt, Bernhard, born 1832 in Messkirch, Baden, private person.
    Meckes, John, born 1843 in Maikammer, Rhenish Palatinate, merchant.
    Mitchel, Katharina, born 1825 in Heidelberg, Baden, private scitizen.
    Ortli, Fridolin, born 1835 in Glarus, Switzerland, sheet metal worker.
    Probeck, Philipp, born 1834 in Oestrich, Nassau, private person.
    Rauch, Carl, born 1845 om Standenböhl, Rhenish Palatinate, wagon factory.
    Riedel, Jacob C., born 1850 in Neuhofen, Rhenish Palatinate, janitor.
    Riedel, Michael, born 1835 in Neuhofen, Rhenish Palatinate, farmer.
    Rinderspacher, John, born 1833, tailor.
    Ruhland, John, born 1827 in Münster, Alsace, butcher.
    Schlatterbeck, George A., born 1829 in Sinbronn, Bavaria, insurance agent.
    Semlow, Theodor, born 1824 in Burg, Mecklenberg, private person.
    Spitzig, Wilhelm, born 1832 in Königheim, Baden, building contractor.
    Stein, Jacob, born 1842 in Rheingönnheim, Rhenish Palatinate, perviate person.
    Tripphahn, Friedrich, born 1825 in Anklammer, Pomerania, private person.
    Würtz, Christopher, born 1836 in Ottersheim, Rhenish Palatinate, sheet music dealer.
    Young, John P., born 1833 in Krumbach, Prussia, private person.

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