Cleveland German “pioneers” in 1852

From the The Jubilee Edition of the Cleveland Wächter und Anzeiger 1902, the list below shows the year of arrival in Cuyahoga County, followed by name, year of birth, place of birth, and occupation.
1852: Back Marianne, born 1840 in Grossweier, Baden, private person.
    Backus, William, born 1834 in Neubamberg, Rhenish Hessia, merchant.
    Bähr, Mrs. Jacob, born in Friesenheim, Baden, private person.
    Bauer, Simon, born 1831 in Niederluststadt, Rhenish Palatinate, vegetable gardener.
    Becker, Carl, born 1832 in Eckstein, Baden, cooper.
    Bender, Martin, born 1841 in Gülstein, Württemberg, shoe business.
    Bittel, Jacob, born 1830 in Hamm, Hessia-Darmstadt, private person.
    Bohland, John, born 1828 in Heidesheim, Hessia-Darmstadt, private person.
    Dorn, John, born 1836 in Oberkallbach, Electoral Hessia, shoe business.
    Eitelmann, A., born 1839 in Ruchheim, Bavaria, police lieutenant.
    Fliedner, Carl, born 1832 in Flonsheim, Rhenish Hessia, private person.
    Flück, August, born 1825 in Coblenz, Rhenish Hessia, farmer.
    Focke, Dr. W. G., born 1825 in Münden, Hanover, physician.
    Fuldheim, Louis, born 1827 in Grenzhausen, Nassau, merchant.
    Giel, Conrad, born 1821 in Büchelberg, Bavaria, private person.
    Hach, Balthasar, born 1832 in Uttrichhausen, Electoral Hessia, shoemaker.
    Hammer, Louis, born 1827 in Mutterstadt, Rhenish Palatinate, merchant.
    Joos, Heinrich, born 1830 in Glarus, Switzerland, shoemaker.
    Jordan, E., born 1826 in Büren, Westphalia, carpetmaker.
    Koch, Katharina Elis., born in Flonsheim, Rhenish Hessia.
    Köhl, Jacob, born 1833 in Föhrenlinden, Rhenish Province, smith.
    Koklauner, Joh. H., born 1829 in Osnabrück, Hanover, shipbuilder.
    Kriegel, Andreas, born 1821 in Dachstadt, Upper Franconia, private person.
    Löhr, Wilhelm, born 1836 in Weilburg, Nassau, baker.
    Matthes, Elisabeth, born 1824 in Frauenbrunnen, Switzerland (Sandusky).
    Mudler, Carl, born 1827 in Neudenau, Baden, clockmaker.
    Müller, Katharina, Hessia-Darmstadt.
    Nepper, Johann, born 1824 in Baden, private person.
    Neubauer, Franz, born 1827 in Albig, Rhenish Hessia, private person.
    Nunn, Isidor, born 1833 in Königheim, Baden, undertaker.
    Niedes, George, born 1833 in Edesheim, Rhenish Platinate, butcher.
    Oster, Jacob, born 1832 in Illerich, Rhenish Prussia, carpenter.
    Oster, Johann, born 1828 in Illerich, Rhenish Prussia, farmer.
    Pfeffer, Christine, born 1827 in Neckarelz, Baden, private person.
    Probeck, Peter Jos., born 1825 in Oestrich, Nassau, butcher.
    Reisser, C. W. F., born 1833 in Hesslach, Württemberg, cabinetmaker.
    Roteck, Dorothea, born 1824 in Wismar, Mecklenburg, private person.
    Schlather, Leonhard, born 1834 in Jebenhausen, Württemberg, brewery owner.
    Schmidt, Gustav, born 1840 in Kirchheimbolanden, Rhenish Palatinate, lawyer.
    Schöllkopf, Jacob, born 1827 in Kirchheim, Württemberg, wagon maker.
    Seefried, Otto, born in Esslingen, Württemberg, flour business.
    Stettenfeld, Chas., born in 1825 in Scheinfeld, Bavaria, shoemaker.
    Straub, Jacob, Alsace, farmer.
    Votteler, Henry, born 1837 in Reutlingen, Württemberg, sheet music dealer.
    Weber, Christiane, born 1833, private person.
    Weiss, Adolph, born 1833.

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  1. I knew my maternal grandfather Charles (Karl) Stettenfeld immigrated in 1852, I knew he was a shoemaker from Bavaria. Now I know what town he was from. Thanks for making lists available!

  2. I am trying to help out a family in Germany now with a search on a German born in Dessau/ Anhalt on June 16th 1896 who was to have died in Cleveland,(I think Ohio) in 1951.

  3. By the way the name of the party is Walter Freundenthal

    • Hi Larry,
      Thanks for the inquiry, I sent a reply as a separate email. good luck with your search.

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