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Welcome readers and researchers. Here you’ll find genealogy tips and helps for writing family history, information about Cleveland history and travel in the German Pfalz (Palatinate), about historical blacksmithing and wagon-making and general musings on the nineteenth century — all topics related to my historical fiction novel

The Last of the Blacksmiths

blacksmithsMy historical fiction novel The Last of the Blacksmiths was released this February by Coffeetown Press! Ask for it at your local bookstore, in libraries, or online. (Trade Paperback, $16.95, e-book $9.95).

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The Last of the Blacksmiths is historical fiction about a 19th century blacksmith who comes to America from the Bavarian Rhineland inspired by Cooper’s The Last of the Mohicans, dreaming of flourishing wilderness, freedom and prosperity, only to meet with indentured servitude, anti-immigrant bigotry, and civil war, and to devote his life to a livelihood that, ultimately, will vanish.

Praise for The Last of the Blacksmiths

“… the writing quality was superb, the historical and geographic detail utterly convincing, the characters well-drawn, and the dialogue persuasive … Claire Gebben has extraordinary promise. Her prose is quite brilliant; I fully lived within her world.”
– William Dietrich, Pulitzer-Prize winning author


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